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posted Aug 26, 2011

2005 EP re-issued on Picture Disc...

posted July 20, 20111

2000 EP re-issued on Picture Disc...

split w/ NEKROFILTH 12" MLP
posted June 24, 2011

4 new studio blasphemies NOT on any other release...

"DEMOSlaughter" 4LP BOX SET
posted June 08, 2011

All 6 demos & bonus material...

"GOAT" CD re-release
posted July 20, 20111

DIGIPAK CD re-issue w/ bonus live set & alternate cover artwork/layout...

split w/ AGATHOCLES 7" EP
posted July 20, 20111

2 new studio blasphemies NOT on any other release...

"Raped By Hungarianuns 12" 2LP
posted June 24, 2011

2009 live show in Hungary. 150 copies only...

split w/ ACID WITCH7" EP-Hells Headbangers
split w/ EVIL WRATH7" EP2011Haunted Hotel
split w/ FETUS EATERS7" EP2011
NEW ALBUMCD/LP/Pic LP2012Hells Headbangers
split w/ DEKAPITATOR7" PICTURE DISCw/ insert-Hells Headbangers
Cerebus7" PICTURE DISCw/ insert & unreleased bonus tracks!-Hells Headbangers
Hells Unholy FireCD / LPre-issue of the long out of print debut CD/LP w/ bonus track-Hells Headbangers

Friday, March 23rd perform in Singapore
Saturday, March 24th Johore Bahru - Malaysia
Sunday, March 25th Kota Kinabalu Sabah - Malaysia


Deformed in 1987 by Don of the Dead (bass) with Jer the Butcher (guitar), Gregoroth (vocals) and Behemoth Bill (drums), the spawn called NunSlaughter began spewing forth the sonic vomit known as Death Metal. Taking from the learning experience of their earlier bands DEATH SENTENCE and BIRD OF PREY they shunned the vile confines of a studio for the oppressive darkness of a basement tomb to release their first demo in 1987 christened "Ritual of Darkness". The raw sound of "Ritual..." established N.S. as purveyors of true Death Metal.

The band's line up experienced its first of many mutations in 1989, with Jer and Bill being replaced by Rick Rancid (guitar) and John Sicko (drums). NunSlaughter's second bastard offspring came screaming through the birth canal shortly thereafter, dragging its fetid placenta, "The Rotting Christ"... read more - Expand [+]



Hells Unholy Fire12" LP1053 copies: all black vinyl2000Revenge Productions
Devil Metal12" LP300 copies: all black vinyl2001Sombre Records
Radio Damnation12" LP500 copies: all black vinyl2001Iron Bonehead
Waiting To Kill Christ12" LP500 copies: 200 white w/ Patch, 300 Black (double LP)2002From Beyond Productions
One Night In Hell12" LP500 copies: all black vinyl2002Iron Bonehead
Hell On Austria12" LP300 copies: all black vinyl2003Agonia Records
Hate Your God12" LP515 copies: 115 Red, 400 Black2003TPL Records
Goat12" LP482 copies: 101 White, 381 Black2003Revenge Productions
Goat12" LP500 copies: all black vinyl (w/ bonus track, alt artwork)2005Hells Headbangers
Christmassacre12" MLP1,000 copies: 14 different variations: Shaped records, "cut-out" vinyl, hand-etched vinyl, & different color vinylDec. 25, 2004 / July 2005Hells Headbangers
split w/ VICTIMIZER12" LP363 copies: all black vinyl2005Ancient Darkness
Hex12" LP1,300 copies: 200 platinum silver, 300 red, 800 black2007Hells Headbangers
An Evening At War12" LP100 copies: all black vinyl (each w/ different artwork, 7 w/ 2 sided cover, 14 w/ color drawing)2007Hells Headbangers
The Eastern Illusion12" LP140 copies: all black vinyl (30 w/ different packaging)2007Heavy Metal Superstars
Radical Rapture Ruptures12" LP150 copies: all black vinyl (30 special packaging edition)2007Heavy Metal Superstars
Novel Nasty Nugget12" LP105 copies: all black vinyl, semi-picture disk (35 Staff version, 35 GalGal version, 35 Bondage Version)2008Heavy Metal Superstars
Club Cobra Control12" LP131 copies: all black vinyl (31 special editions)2009Heavy Metal Superstars
Satanic Slut Spawns12" 2LP121 copies: all black vinyl (21 special editions)2009Heavy Metal Superstars
The Devil Live In Providence, Rhode Island12" LP100 copies: all black vinyl, German BOOTLEG!2007Unknown
13 Bands Who Think Your Gay (Compilation)12" LP1,000 copies: all black vinyl2004Menace To Sobriety Records
Live Devils In The City Of Angels12" LP100 copies: all red vinyl, 30 in wooden box w/ goodies2010Assaulter Prod / Depths of Hell
split w/ SABBAT12" LP179 copies: all black2010Heavy Metal Superstars
DemoSlaughter4-LP500 copies: 111 black, 389 black2011Hells Headbangers
split w/ NEKROFILTH12" MLP1,000 copies: 111 colored vinyl2011Hells Headbangers
Raped By Hungarianuns12" 2LP150 copies: all on colored vinyl2011NunSlaughter Records
Rehearsal 19877" PICTURE DISC100 copies2001NunSlaughter Records
Ritual Of Darkness7" PICTURE DISC100 copies2004Hells Headbangers
The Rotting Christ7" PICTURE DISC100 copies2004Hells Headbangers
Impale The Soul Of Christ On The Inverted Cross Of Death7" PICTURE DISC100 copies - double EP2004Hells Headbangers
The Guts Of Christ (original cover art)7" PICTURE DISC100 copies2003Hells Headbangers
The Guts Of Christ (different artwork from every version)7" PICTURE DISC100 copies2005Hells Headbangers
Evil Speaks Rehearsal Demo7" PICTURE DISC100 copies2005Hells Headbangers
Face Of Evil7" PICTURE DISC100 copies2006Hells Headbangers
Blood Devil7" PICTURE DISC300 copies2001Revenge Productions
The Bog People7" PICTURE DISC200 copies2004Hells Headbangers
split w/ DERKETA7" PICTURE DISC500 copies2001Ordealis Records
split w/ CIANIDE7" PICTURE DISC500 copies2003Merciless Records
split w/ KRIEG7" PICTURE DISC300 copies2004Deathstrike Records
split w/ BRODY'S MILITIA7" PICTURE DISC500 copies2007Hells Headbangers
split w/ MUTILATED MESSIAH7" PICTURE DISC800 copies2007Hells Headbangers
split w/ BLOODSICK7" PICTURE DISCundisclosed no. copies2008Hells Headbangers
split w/ RABID7" PICTURE DISCundisclosed no. copies2008Hells Headbangers
split w/ DR. SHRINKER7" PICTURE DISCundisclosed no. copies2008Hells Headbangers
split w/ SLAUGHTER7" PICTURE DISC500 copies2008Horror Records
split w/ GOATLORD7" PICTURE DISC500 copies2009Hells Headbangers
split w/ RADIOLOKATOR7" PIC DISC300 copies: 150 (nunslaughter sleeve), 150 (radiolokator sleeve)2009Doomentia Records
split w/ CENTINEX10" PICTURE DISC1,000 copies2003Painkiller Records
split w/ NEKROFILTH12" PICTURE DISC 111 copies2011Hells Headbangers
split w/ NOCTURNAL7" PICTURE DISC500 copies2011Hells Headbangers
Hells Unholy Fire12" PICTURE DISC500 copies2001Ordealis Records
Goat12" PICTURE DISC500 copies, w/ bonus track2005Hells Headbangers
Fuck The God In Heaven12" SHAPED PICTURE DISC1,000 copies shaped record, 020 copies un-shaped clear vinyl2006Hells Headbangers
Fuck The God In Heaven [Death Black Edition]12" PICTURE DISC333 copies un-shaped black vinyl2006Hells Headbangers
Hex12" PICTURE DISC undisclosed no. copies2007Hells Headbangers
An Evening At War12" PICTURE DISC 100 copies, each record w/ different artwork2007Hells Headbangers
Trifurcate7" PICTURE DISC500 copies2011Hells Headbangers
7" EPs:
Rotting7" EP013 copies: black vinyl2003NunSlaughter Records
Ritual Of Darkness (BOOTLEG)7" EPunknown no. copies: black vinyl?Black Vomit Records, Brazil
Ritual Of Darkness7" EP400 copies: all black vinyl2004Hells Headbangers
The Rotting Christ7" EP400 copies: all black vinyl2004Hells Headbangers
Impale The Soul Of Christ On The Inverted Cross Of Death7" EP400 copies: black vinyl (double EP)2004Hells Headbangers
Killed By The Cross7" EP318 copies: 300 Red, 18 White1990Whisper In Darkness
Tasting The Blood of Your Savior... Before His Soul Was Impaled7" EP515 copies: all black vinyl2003TPL Records
The Guts Of Christ7" EP500 copies: 100 Blue, 400 Black2002Revenge Productions / Qabalah Productions
The Guts Of Christ (different artwork from every version)7" EP400 copies: all black vinyl2005Hells Headbangers
Evil Speaks Rehearsal Demo7" EP400 copies: all black vinyl2005Hells Headbangers
Face Of Evil7" EP500 copies: 100 Red, 400 Black2000Qabalah Productions
Face Of Evil (re-issue)7" EP400 copies: all black vinyl2006Hells Headbangers
Blood Devil7" EP1,000 copies: all white vinyl1999Revenge Productions
Trifurcate7" EP1,000 copies: all black vinyl2000Warlord Records
Satanic Sluts7" EP100 copies: all green vinyl2003NunSlaughter Records
Cerebus7" EP1,000 copies: all clear vinyl2003Hells Headbangers
Blasphemer7" EP1,000 copies: 500 bluish purple, 500 black vinyl2004NunSlaughter Records
The Bog People7" EP500 copies: 100 Brown, 400 Black2004My Mind's Eye Records / Non Commercial Records
Burn The Cross7" EP1,000 copies: all "hellfire" splatter vinyl2004Hells Headbangers / First Blood Family
The Supreme Beast7" EP666 copies: all black vinyl2004Ordealis Records
Fuck That Cunt7" EP300 copies: all black vinyl2006Terranis Productions
Slutty Cryptic Mother7" EP033 copies: all clear acetates2005NunSlaughter Records
Hell On Germany7" EP500 copies: all black vinyl2001Bloodbath Records
Hell On Switzerland7" EP500 copies: all black vinyl2001Ordealis Records
Hell On Spain7" EP500 copies: 100 white, 400 black2002Christhunt Productions
Hell On Belgium7" EP1,000 copies: 100 red, 900 black2002Menace To Sobriety Records
Hell On France7" EP500 copies: all black vinyl2004Drakkar Productions
Hell On Holland7" EP500 copies: 250 blue, 250 green2008Autopsy Kitchen / Battle Kommand
Metal Assault On Canberra7" EP548 copies: 274 Red, 274 Black2004Lahti Metal Inquisition
Metal Assault On Adelaide7" EP500 copies: all black vinyl double EP2006Hells Headbangers
Metal Assault On Sydney7" EP500 copies: all black vinyl2006Hells Headbangers
Metal Assault On Melbourne & Brisbane7" EPundisclosed no. copies, black vinyl triple EP2009Hells Headbangers
Fathers Of Fright7" EP033 copies: all clear acetates2005NunSlaughter Records
DEMOSlaughter7" EP BOX SET100 copies - 9 record set: all colored vinyl2006Hells Headbangers
Damned In Japan7" EP BOX SET999 copies - 4 record set: 666 black, 333 purple w/ CD, 2007Hells Headbangers, Obliteration Recs, Bloodbath Recs, Weird Truth Prod.
split w/ BLOODSICK7" EP1,000 copies: all black vinyl1997self released
split w/ CRUCIFIER7" EP666 copies: all red vinyl1998self released
split w/ DEKAPITATOR7" EP1,000 copies: all glow-in-the-dark1998Midnight Records
split w/ DERKETA7" EP1,000 copies: all black vinyl1999Deleria Records
split w/ DR. SHRINKER7" EP1,000 copies: all orange splatter2001Revenge Productions
split w/ GRAND BELIALS KEY7" EP999 copies: 222 Splatter, 444 Black, 333 Gold2001Horror Records
split w/ DESTRUKTOR7" EP500 copies: 100 Red, 400 Black2002Apocalyptor Records
split w/ CIANIDE7" EP1,000 copies: 900 Black, 100 Cupcake Splatter2003Merciless Records
split w/ CENTINEX7" EP1,000 copies: 200 Green Splatter, 800 Black2003Hells Headbangers
split w/ GOATLORD7" EP1,200 copies: all yellow vinyl (200 w/ 2 patches - Morbid Ritual Version)2004Bestial Onslaught Records
split w/ KRIEG7" EP666 copies: all blue vinyl2004Deathstrike Records
split w/ SLAUGHTER (Canada)7" EP500 copies: all black vinyl2004Horror Records
split w/ SOULLESS7" EP1,000 copies: all red splatter vinyl2004Metal Enterprise / Hells Headbangers
split w/ HAEMORRHAGE7" EP1,500 copies: 1,390 black, 110 splatter vinyl w/ saw blade cover2005Hells Headbangers
split w/ THRONEUM7" EP1,000 copies: all black vinyl2005Hells Headbangers
split w/ NOCTURNAL7" EP500 copies: all black vinyl2005Agonia Records
split w/ BRODY'S MILITIA7" EP1,000 copies: 500 dark blue/red, 500 black2006Hells Headbangers / Haunted Hotel Records
split w/ DESTRUCTOR (Ohio)7" EP1,000 copies: 250 white, 250 black, 250 gold, 250 silver (each w/ different cover layouts)2007Hells Headbangers
split w/ SLOTH7" EP558 copies: 500 black, 58 green (w/ alt artwork)2007Wicked Witch Records
split w/ GRAVEWURM7" EP1,000 copies: all orange splatter vinyl2007Hells Headbangers
split w/ UNHOLY GRAVE7" EP1,000 copies: 500 silver (silver jacket), 500 gold (gold jacket)2007Hells Headbangers
split w/ MUTILATED MESSIAH7" EP200 copies: all black vinyl (100 w/ circular cover & insert, 100 w/ insert & real maggot jacket)2008Hells Headbangers
split w/ DECREPIT, DANA 60, DOKTOR BITCH7" EP1,000 copies: all black vinyl2007Hells Headbangers, Metal Enterprise
split w/ GOATSODOMY7" EP1,000 copies: all black vinyl2009Hells Headbangers
split w/ SYPHILITIC VAGINAS7" EP888 copies: 800 black, 52 clear, 36 blue2009Rescued From Life
split w/ RADIOLOKATOR7" EP300 copies: all black vinyl2009Doomentia Records
Nordic Nightmare Tour 20077" EP113 copies: all black vinyl2007NunSlaughter Records
European Excommunication Tour 20097" EP300 copies: all gray vinyl (4 different color covers)2009NunSlaughter Records
Padova 18 Marzo 2009 - Tour EP Commemorative7" EP120 copies: 45 blue vinyl (green cover), 45 yellow vinyl (yellow cover), 10 mixed yellow/blue vinyl (white cover), 20 yellow vinyl (white cover/white labels)2009Iron Tyrant
Unholy Hell8" EP030 copies: all black vinyl2009Rhapsodeath Productions
Black7" EP1,000 copies: 900 Black, 100 clear vinyl/bible jacket2010Hells Headbangers
Towards The North 2010 Tour7" EP300 copies: all clear vinyl2010NunSlaughter Records
split w/ MIDNIGHT7" EP100 copies: 80 black, 20 orange2010Rescued From Life
split w/ FETUS EATERS7" EP300 copies: all bile colored vinyl2010NunSlaughter Records
split w/ SMG7" EP116 copies: all black (80 regular, 30 nungrinder, 6 test pressing)2010Violent Resolution
split w/ ZOMBIE RITUAL & SABBAT7" 3EP209 copies: all black2010Heavy Metal Superstars
split w/ ABIGAIL7" EP366 copies: 244 black, 74 white/red splatter, 44 white/red splatter + shirt2011Turanian Honour
split w/ AGATHOCLES7" EP500 copies: 400 black, 100 black/white/grey marbled2011Selfmadegod
Hells Unholy FireCD3000 copies2000Revenge Productions
Devil MetalCD1,000 copies2001Hell Attacks
One Night In HellCD2000 copies2001Warhammer Records
Radio DamnationCD666 copies2001Barbarian Wrath Records
Damned In HellCD100 copies2001MP3.COM
Waiting To Kill ChristCD1500 copies2002From Beyond Productions
CompilationCD1,000 copies2002Unisound Records
GoatCD2000 copies2003Revenge Productions (Euro) & Metal War Productions (US)
Hate Your GodCD1,000 copies2003TPL Records
split w/ SPAWN OF SATANCD1,000 copies2004Rhapsodeath Productions
Open SepulcureCD999 copies2005Obliteration Records, Japan
Goat [w/ bonus track]DIGIPAK CD1,000 copies re-issue, alt artwork, bonus track2005Hells Headbangers
Fuck The God In HeavenSHAPED CD1,500 copies: Goat Head shaped disc2006Hells Headbangers
Goat [w/ bonus track]CDundisclosed no. copies re-issue, alt artwork, bonus track2006Hells Headbangers
Goat [w/ bonus tracks]DIGIPAK CD1,000 copies re-issue, alt artwork, live bonus tracks2011NunSlaughter Records
Rotting Christ3" CD100 copies2006Eccocentric Records
Radio Damnation [Original Recording]CD500 copies re-issue, alt artwork, bonus tracks2006AreaDeath Productions
HexCDundisclosed no. copies2007Hells Headbangers
Devil Metal (A Tribute To NunSlaughter)CD33 cover songs2007Dark Forest Productions
Metal Assault On AustraliaDVD1,000 copies2005Hells Headbangers
HellidelphiaDVD066 copies2007Demon Dave
The Curse Before The Hex3" CD55 copies2007Universal Tounge
Sins Of Father (Grehi Otza)CDRussian comp CD w/ 2 bonus tracks2008Pestis Insanie
Damned In JapanDVD w/ CD1,000 copies, first 200 w/ poster2008Hells Headbangers
DemoSlaughter [2009 Edition]2-CD2,000 copies (chubby case / alt layout)2009Hells Headbangers
DemoSlaughter [2011 Edition]2-CD2,000 copies: dual disc case, alt artwork/layout2011Hells Headbangers
SathaSlaughterCD333 copies2009Universal Tongue
BlackCD1,000 copies: all black discs2010Hells Headbangers
Live In Providence, RI 10/18/2002CDBOOTLEG??
Live In San Francisco 12-17-02CDBOOTLEG?Golden Baphomet
Live In Westchester, CA 12-15-02CDBOOTLEG??
Ritual Of Darkness DemoCASSETTEAprx 100 copies1987self released
The Rotting Christ DemoCASSETTEAprx 300 copies1989self released
Impale The Soul Of Christ On The Inverted Cross Of Death DemoCASSETTEAprx 600 copies1991self released
The Guts Of Christ DemoCASSETTE300 copies1993self released
The Guts Of Christ Demo (GREEN COVER)CASSETTE 100 copies1993Vonzo Productions
Face Of Evil DemoCASSETTE300 copies1995Qabalah Productions
Evil Speaks Rehearsal DemoCASSETTEAprx 100 copies1998self released
Devil MetalCASSETTE500 copies2001Witchhammer Records
Waiting To Kill ChristCASSETTE113 copies, 2 different cover art2001Rancor Records
Waiting To Kill Christ (different cover)CASSETTE113 copies, 2 different cover art2001Rancor Records
The Day We DieCASSETTE300 copies2002Rhapsodeath Productions
Radio DamnationCASSETTE333 copies2003Agonia Records
Hate Your GodCASSETTE66 copies, alt artwork2002Rancor Records
split w/ VICTIMIZERCASSETTE150 regular copies, 50 "Aussie Version" w/ green cover/non-engraved2004Pentagram Warfare Records
Ritual Of Darkness / Rehearsal 1987CASSETTE666 copies, re-issue w/ bonus2005Death Division Rituals
One Night In HellCASSETTE 500 copies2005Witchhammer Productions
Hells Unholy FireCASSETTEre-issue w/ bonus track2009Hells Headbangers
Hells Unholy FireCASSETTE 300 copies2005Trauma Records
The Devil Has His DayCASSETTE287 copies2006Dreamtide Music
Hell On EuropeCASSETTE300 copies2006Denim & Leather Prod
GoatCASSETTE300 copies, alt artwork, 2 bonus tracks2006In Coffin Productions
Hate Your GodCASSETTEpro-tape re-issue2006Final Punishment / In Coffin Prod.
Raid The Country Star (Live In Padova, Italy 3/18/09)CASSETTE166 copies: green cassette2011Stygian Shadows
Raped By HungarianunsCASSETTE166 copies: transparent cassettes with b/w stickers2011Stygian Shadows
Eastern IllusionCASSETTE100 copies / BOOTLEG2011?
Novel Nasty Nugget CASSETTE100 copies / BOOTLEG2011?

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